RZCD Law Firm LLP is a well established law firm with offices in Mississauga, Whitby and Kingston. The firm is dedicated to providing its valued clients with first-class legal services in all areas of the law, at competitive rates.

The lawyers of RZCD Law Firm LLP recognize that there must be an element of value and bottom-line responsibility to their services. As such, the firm has a constant focus on both the internal and external environment of each client and the factors that affect each client’s day-to-day and long-term business decisions.

The firm is committed to orienting itself to each client’s priorities and to incorporating this information and insight into the advice and services it provides. This approach is critical given the requirement of today’s businesses to adapt to the constantly changing economic, social and political realities of the marketplace.

RZCD Law Firm LLP provides its clients access to a team of professionals bringing experience in all areas of the law. Clients can look to the firm for full legal services in business law, banking and finance, taxation, commercial and residential real estate, trade-marks and copyrights, municipal/land use planning and development, construction law, civil and criminal litigation, personal injury litigation, labour and employment law, estate planning, wills and trusts, family law and immigration law.

Driven by the desire to provide professional, top quality legal counsel with flexibility and outstanding service, RZCD Law Firm LLP is a full-service law practice that works in close liaison with each of its clients, keeping front of mind what is best, not only from a legal perspective, but also from a business point of view.