Employment Law

Employment Law refers to the legal principles that apply to non-unionized workplaces. If the workplace is unionized, then the principles of labour law will apply.

In non-unionized workplaces if an employer terminates an employment contract during its term (either fixed term or indefinite term), this is a ‘wrongful termination of employment’, or ‘wrongful dismissal’. In such cases because the employer is in breach of the contract they are required to give the employee reasonable advance notice of the termination. If the employer does not give the employee reasonable advance notice they are responsible for paying the employee damages instead. A wrongful dismissal lawsuit may be commenced in court as a result.

Employees are also entitled to certain minimum employment standards as defined under the Ontario Employment Standards Act or the Canada Labour Code.

In addition to this, In some circumstances, employment situations may raise disputes concerning workers' compensation, pension or disability insurance claims, and human rights.

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